Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 2 Part 7 (Praying for a Good Harvest full of Giant Birds)

Hello all Whitney here and its time for another episode of Game Plays of a Mage and its time for more Breath of Fire 2. This part is not the most exciting as I have to do a good bunch of training because I am forced to use 2 characters in solo battles and nether one is very high up in level. Sorry about the training but try to enjoy anyway 🙂

I start off by heading to the under water tower and quickly make my way through picking up some good items along the way. At the end I meet the Wind Shaman who heads to the fusion house in Township and gets rid of the fog blocking my path. With the fog removed I head to the small town of FarmTown which is home of Rand. Here we meet Rands Mom who is upset that Rand has been gone so long and puts him (along with the group) to work clearing the field. Some tough battles insues as I battle vicious bushes, terrible rocks, and tree stomps so mean they can scare the dead. After those amazing battles I head to a small shrine and pray twenty times for a good harvest. After praying for the harvest its time for some training. I buy some supplies and train for a good amount of time getting Rand up to level 25. After Rand reaches level 25 its time to go back to Farm where we find out Rands Mom is gone and a solider of St Eva is there saying Rands Mom has gone to the church and has donated the land so they can build another church. Rand is quite mad and a battle ensues after which we find out we are going to need to fly to reach the church.

I first check out the machine under my town and meet a young enigneer in Gantz who goes to check out the weird machine. After that I put Nina in the party and help her gain a few levels just like Rand and then its time to go back to Windia. Inside Windia we find out the past of Nina and how her birth was suppose to cause nothing but destruction for the kingdom of Windia. Nina meets with are dieing Father and finds out that she was abandon so that she wouldn’t get killed by the people of the town. Nina wants to use the secret power of being able to turn into the Great Bird and when that happens she can’t turn back. We head to the basement and Nina faces a challenge on her own after that she meets with her ancestor and now has the items she needs to turn into the great bird. During the nigh Mina, Nina’s sister comes into the room and steals the items. Nina follows her to the top of the castle but Mina locks herself into the room and uses the items and changes into the Great Bird. Nina is quite upset that her sister sacrificed herself but is determined to take out the church and save the world.


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