True Gaming Song of the Week – September 22, 2008

Hey everyone its Cornshaq here and its time for another song of the week. This week being my choice I decided to go with one of my favorite action adventure games Ys III Wanderers of Ys. This is my favorite game in the Ys series by far even though it is different in many ways then all the other games in the series. This game added a side view to the action insted of the top down view that the other Ys games used. The game is the black sheep of the Ys family so much so they remade the game years later with the traditional top down view. Ys III had a great story for the time and the action was tough esepcially if you did not level up or save to buy the right equipment. The music composed by the Falcom sound team was top notch and almost every song of the soundtrack is great. It was hard to pick just one song but I chose Ilvern Ruins. The version I have chosen is the one from the Turbo Grafix CD. Enjoy!!

For more information on Ys III check out


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