Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 2 Part 8 (St Eva is going Down)

Hello all its time for another update from your truly White Mage Whitney and its the second to last part of Breath of Fire 2 after this only one more part. I know it has taken me forever to finish this game and I promise the next one will go faster not because it will be shorter but I will get it up on a more regular basis. Anyway enough filler lets get to the meat of the post.

First the crew heads to the giant St Eva church and find out soon after entering that we can’t leave. We soon meet Claris who is part of the resistance group that is going to stop St Eva. She helps us escape and tells us to go meet with Tiger who is the head of the group. After making a quick detour to pick up a new weapon its off to meet Tiger. Tiger tells us that the sponsor who is paying for the group has gone missing. We find out its Patty and she is in the thief’s tomb and we have to rescue her. After freeing her we go back to Tiger and it times to begin the attack. We head to a small church south of the hideout and after finding out that people have been taken prisoner and forced to become members of the church we run into one of the top priest Father Manson. After a pretty easy fight Manson is done and its now time to hit the main church.

Disguised as Father Manson and other followers we make it to the main church and enter during a sermon. We find out Claris has been captured and the head of the Church Habaruku is going to kill her. Tiger leaves the group to try and save Claris but is killed soon after Habaruku kills Claris as well (One of the saddest moments in the game) After that we have to fight Ray who ends up unleashing the final Dragon power to Ryu. We give chase to Habaruku and free Rands Mom in the process. Farther up Rand breaks a wall to help us get by but the wall starts to close together and Rand can’t hold on. Rands Mom pushes Rand out of the way and the wall closes crushing her (Another very sad moment) Now at the top Habaruku falls down deep into the church and we follow and soon come face to face with a machine being controlled by a blind old man. We free him and find out that not only will the Church now collapse but the old man is really Ryu’s Father Ganer. It is now about time to end this so its time to head to Gate for the final battle. Before heading there I head to the well in Township with the odd machine and find out Ganer can power it and make the town fly. Back in Gate bombs are set off to kill the dragon but soon demons are unleashed and panic sets in. I need to find Patty at the request of Father Hulk.


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