Hero of Southtown Returns to Present: Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories

Ok, so after being gone from the site for far too long. I decided to take a different direction. I picked out a decent rpg, that i know will make some of my fellow members on this site will cringe.  Now this game is the direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts, and its ending is set about a year before Kingdom Hearts II. The story centers around the protagonist of the first game, Sora, exploring a mysterious castle in search of his friends. As he ascends the castle, his friend and rival, Riku, explores the basement levels and fights his personal demons. The game introduced new characters and plotlines that further expanded the Kingdom Hearts universe and set up the premise for Kingdom Hearts II.

Though not as successful as the other Kingdom Hearts games, it received positive reviews and sales. It was praised for its story, graphics, and FMVs. The game features a new card based battle system that is a departure from its predecessor. When it debuted in Japan, it sold 104,000 units in 48 hours; a record for a Game Boy Advance title at the time. Since its release, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.

Hope you enjoy my playthrough over the next few weeks and now Part 1 of kingdom hearts chain of memories


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