High Speed Walthrough – Baseball Stars


Greetings to all in VG Land!

This NeoGeo/arade port just didn’t fare too well with me. Even though most ratings on the game are very good. Almost all NES baseball themed games have that problem with locating outfielders when the hit takes the ball beyond the bounds of of the infield. In this title it was a major pain. Another thing I did not like is that you are givin the choice to start out whith only one attribute for your team such as strong hitters, fast runners, great pitchers, etc. That leaves any other ball gaming skill quite weak. The balaned team I have chosen to start with hardly had anything to show. Sure the player can build his dream team but that takes money which is only aquired by winning a game. And the difficuly of playing is hard as the computer AI is quite intellegent. I would not recommend this for begginers.

Yes, my team I chosen were the weak balanced team. I played the underdog.

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5

Hope You enjoyed the ride!


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