High Speed Walkthrough {Batman}


Greetings to all in VG Land.

What happened to Bases Loaded? Since Baseball season is long gone and “The Dark Knight’ was recently out on DVD I though I should go on ahed to the next franchise. I probably will post all Bases Loaded in the middle of summer at the heart of the season.

The first instalment based loosely off of the Tim Burton film in 1989. And I do mean loosely. The only things that hold this to the Batman title are the Batman and The Joker. Also the Batmobile and Batwing are only seen in the cutscenes.  These were greatly needed  as playable levels as this game is quite short. The graphics are impressing and the game’s soundtrack is not to be forgoten. Still the game play, in my opinion just did not up to my standards. but over all, this is really a good game.


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