Cornshaqs Update Page

Hey everyone here is my page to show my upcoming update schedule in full

December – Celebrate the holidays with Disney Games

  1. Tailspin
  2. Darkwing Duck
  3. Little Mermaid

January –

Completed Play It Throughs

Nintendo Entertainment System


Check out my pages on the following sites






2 Responses to “Cornshaqs Update Page”

  1. losercomet Says:

    Cornshaq, please post the snoopy game early like june or july if you can.

    Thanks your my hero

  2. minoshiya Says:

    Love you guys website, keep up the 8-bit runs. I am a 37yr old gamer that has a HUGH collection of 8-bit,16-bit,32-bit and so on games. I wish there were more sites as good as this one. I will watch all of your runs and compare you guys skill to mine(was a little bit better at nes at 15) but I have been training my 2 kids to play old skool first then play ps3,360,wii. Thank you guys for all the time and hard work.

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