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Play it Through – Sweet Home

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Hey everyone on this update its Sweet Home. Easily one of the first horror based rpgs to ever hit the market and its the Grandfather of Survivor Horror games. Many of those who worked on the Resident Evil series drew inspiration from this very game. It has a unique party system and causes you to manage your items and equipment effectively in order to advance to the next part. Enjoy!!!


Play it Through – Track and Field 1 and 2

Posted in Cornshaq with tags , , , , , , , , , on August 30, 2008 by cornshaq

Hey everyone its time for another Play it Through post from me Cornshaq and its my runs of Track and Field and Track and Field 2. Both of these games are classic olympic style games with Track and Field 2 being my overall favorite of the Olympic games on the NES. In these runs I just go ahead and complete each event one time just to show them off. I also do use the turbo button often in the run because the button mashing gets to a ridiculous level in these two titles. Enjoy!!!!

Track and Field 1

Track and Field 2