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Two-Tailed Playthrough – Rolling Thunder

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Welcome everyone to another Two-Tailed Playthrough! This time I bring to you Rolling Thunder for the NES. Watch as Secret Agent Albatross battles his way through the countless forces of Geldra, a secret society in New York to rescue Leila Blitz. What awaits him on his quest? Watch and find out!


Two-Tailed Playthrough – Ghosts n’ Goblins

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Hey everyone welcome to another Two-Tailed Playthrough! This time I bring to you Ghosts n’ Goblins for the NES! This game is easily one of the hardest games on the NES but with a whole ton of practice the game CAN be completed. Will the Knight in cardboard armor rescue his captive Princess? Watch and find out!

Two-Tailed Playthrough – Ghoul School

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Hey everyone welcome to another Two-Tailed Playthrough. This time I bring to you Ghoul School, a Halloween themed game set in the depths of a humongous high school. Our hero, Spike O’Hara, has to rescue his school from the clutches of evil monsters as they have taken over and turned all the teachers and the football team into Zombies and kidnapped the head cheerleader, Samantha Pompom. Will he win out in the end? Armed with only a baseball bat and his wits (and bad knees since he can’t crouch for some reason) Spike heads into the school to face the monsters head on.

Two-Tailed Playthrough – Earthworm Jim (SNES)

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Hey everyone welcome to another Two-Tailed Playthrough! This time I bring to you Earthworm Jim for the SNES. Earthworm Jim is a run and gun platformer with some of the wackiest antics you will ever see in a video game. It’s chock full of great graphics, music, and gameplay. Made back in 1994 for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis Earthworm Jim was subsequently ported to the SNES, Game Boy, Game Gear, Master System, and when it came out, the Gameboy Advance. The game is utter greatness with the only downfall being it’s length. The game is too short and as such I get through it in under an hour.

The game throws you right into the action without mentioning the story. The story is just as comical as the game. Earthworm Jim was a normal earthworm living his life on Earth. One day while trying to avoid becoming a crow’s dinner a super, ultra-high-tech, indestructable space suit fell from the sky right on top of Jim’s worm hole. When Jim crawled out of his hole and into the suit the suit recognized him and bonded to him, giving him complete control of the suit and all it’s awesome powers. Thus Earthworm Jim was born. The suit fell from the sky because it was stolen from the Evil Queen by Snott, a Booper being. Snott was attacked by Psycrow, the Evil Queen’s henchman and his ship was destroyed, sending the suit plummeting to Earth. Now that Jim has it Psycrow will stop at nothing to get it back. Jim overhears Psycrow telling the Evil Queen that he suspects the suit fell to Earth and will begin looking for it. Hearing this Jim flees to New Junk City where the biggest adventure of his life begins.

True Gaming Exclusive Two Tailed Playthrough – The Legend of Zelda Second Quest

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Hey everyone welcome to a True Gaming exclusive Two-Tailed Playthrough of The Legend of Zelda Second Quest!  This is something I’ve been planning for a long time and I finally got to do it.  This run has commentary (unlike the first quest run I did a long time ago) and does NOT abuse the money making game.  I use it once to buy a candle but that’s it.  Like the first run I use the same awkward route to make the run as difficult and entertaining as possible.  Enjoy!

Two-Tailed Playthrough – Super Mario RPG Part 7 “The Kindom is Saved… For the Moment.”

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We’ve finally reached the end. It took me longer than I thought it would but I got through Super Mario RPG. In this part I head into Bowser’s Keep and overcome numerous (easy and fun) challenges to reach the top of the castle. At the top I fight Exor, the giant sword that pierced the castle in the beginning of the game. He goes down somewhat quick and sucks me in to Smithy’s world where he is making his weapons. Once there I head back to Mario’s world and pick up a couple things then head back to Smithy’s and make my way to his factory.

Along the way I take out several enemies including remade versions (much weaker) of previous enemies and bosses. I also take out Count Down (alarm clock from hell) and Cloaker and Domino (wannabe terrible duo). With them out of the way I head into Smithy’s Factory and take out his workers before fighting him in the final showdown.

Smithy is a lengthy fight but it’s not hard, especially at my level. His first form goes down rather quick and then the real fight begins. I’ve never gotten as many freebies with Rock Candy as I did in this run. It wouldn’t have mattered if I got them or not but it did make things go a little faster. Smithy eventually goes down and we get to see a great ending. I hope you enjoyed my playthrough of Super Mario RPG. I know it’s been done a thousand + times over but I wanted to do it anyway. I’ll be back soon with my next Two-Tailed Playthrough. What it is…. you’ll have to wait and see.

Two-Tailed Playthrough – Super Mario RPG Part 6 “The Royal Treatment”

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Hey everyone I’m back and it’s time for another update. I’m so sorry for the lack of updates recently, a lot has happened and I didh’t have time to do the videos. But that’s all settled and I will be updating on a regular schedule from now on. Now, on with the show.

In this part I start in Nimbus Land and investigate what’s going on. It’s obvious that fat bird wasn’t the real Prince so I need to get into the castle and expose the fakes. To do that I need the help of the sculptor, Garro. He does what he does best and makes Mario look like a statue and ‘delivers’ me into the castle. From there I work my way to the throne room, avoiding being pecked by an angry Dodo and beating Birdo along the way. I eventually find the palace workers held up in a small room completely unaware of what’s going on. The guard gives me the Master Key and I enter the throne room.

In the throne room I find Valentina who runs shortly after seeing me. Naturally I give chase and eventually catch her and do battle. She goes down fast and I get the key to the King’s room where Mallow’s parents are. After a short reunion I do a bit of backtracking and finish up in Melody Bay and grab a Red Essence from the Forest Maze, then head into the Volcano. The Volcano is a pretty short area and I make my way to the Czar Dragon pretty fast and take him down just as fast. With that the sixth star is just about in my hands but is snatched up by the Axem Rangers. The Axem Rangers are a goofy bunch but they’re all show as I chase them down and take my star back.

With them down all tha’ts left is to head for Bowser’s Keep and get the last star. But first I need to take care of one last thing, the toughest fight in the game, Culex. Culex is a boss based on Final Fantasy and comes from an imaginary world. He is easily the toughest boss in the game as you usually need to be around level 25 to beat him. He has four crystals with him that each use different attacks that are extremely strong, and massive attack power himself. After a very long fight I manage to take him down and get the Quartz Charm, one of the strongest accessories in the game.