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Play it Through – Sweet Home

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Hey everyone on this update its Sweet Home. Easily one of the first horror based rpgs to ever hit the market and its the Grandfather of Survivor Horror games. Many of those who worked on the Resident Evil series drew inspiration from this very game. It has a unique party system and causes you to manage your items and equipment effectively in order to advance to the next part. Enjoy!!!


Game Music Appreciation Theater – 2 Epic Games Battle of Olympus and Faxanadu

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Hey everyone its time for another Cornshaq update and this time around I bring you Battle of Olympus and Faxanadu two of my all time favorites. Not just in gameplay but especially because of the soundtracks. Battle of Olympus was composed by Kazuo Sawa who also worked on Super Dodge Ball, Nintendo World Cup, and River City Ransom. Enjoy!

Next up is Faxanadu a game in the Dragon Slayer series by Falcom. This game is another example of great adventure gameplay on the NES. The soundtrack composed by the team at Falcom who are also responsible for other great games including the Ys series show how to create a great soundtrack that fits the mode of each area of the game. Enjoy!

True Gaming Song of the Week – July 20, 2008

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Hello all its time for another Song of the Week and its yours truely White Mage Whitney with another pick. For my pick I went back to the days of the Super Nintendo which easily has some of the best soundtracks ever composed. One of my favorite games for the SNES is Secret of Mana which was put out by Sqauresoft. It was officially the second game in Seiken Densetsu series with the first being Final Fantasy Adventure. The thing that made the game so fun was the action based battle system. It was like combining the best of Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy into one great game.

With it being a Squaresoft title it should not shock anyone that it has a great soundtrack. It was composed by Hiroki Kikuta and was his first soundtrack. He has since composed soundtracks for other great games including this games sequel Seiken Densetsu 3 and the first game in the Shadow Hearts franchise Koudelka. The whole soundtrack of Secret of Mana is great but I had to choose just one song so I went with Tell a Strange Tale.

For more information on Secret of Mana check out

For more information on Hiroki Kikuta check out,61509/

True Gaming Song of the Week – July 13, 2008

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Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of the True Gaming Song of the Week. Again I set up with another American Composer, Mr. Bobby Prince, and my song is DOOM Victory Music from the obvious…DOOM. Bobby Prince is known for his other works such as Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, as well as Spear of Destiny.

Now, everyone should know DOOM. It’s the landmark title for First Person Shooters, as well as First Person Gaming in general. It is widely recognized for pioneering immersive 3D graphics, networked multiplayer gaming on the PC platform, and support for custom expansions.

For more info on DOOM or Bobby Prince check out these sites:

Game Music Appreciation Theater – Batman Return of the Joker

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Hey everyone its time for another update from me Cornshaq and this time is another great Game Music Appreciation Theater of the game Batman Return of the Joker. This game was created by the great team at Sunsoft who worked on great titles such as the first Batman game as well as Blaster Master, and Gremlins 2. The soundtrack was composed by the great team of Naoki Kodaka and Nobuyuki Hara. Enjoy!

True Gaming Song of the Week June 29, 2008

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Hey everyone its time for another song of the week and its time for me Cornshaq to get another choice. I have chosen a song from one of my all time favorite games Jet Force Gemini. Released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999 it quickly became one of my favorite after I rented it from a local blockbuster and I just had to get it right away. The controls were pretty unique for the time and many may even say they are bad especially if you go back and play it today but as far as I am concerned this 3rd person action/platform/shooter game is one of the many gems on the N64 and why an N64 is never not hooked up to my TV.  The only thing that gets on my nerves is the collecting fest the game becomes in the second half. While it does make the game longer which is great it just ends up dragging and becomes unfun. Rare the developer has always had a habbit of making games with a lot of collecting something I am not a huge fan of unless done in moderation.

The soundtrack for this great game was composed by the Rare music team. Mainly Robin Beanland and Graeme Norgate. Robin Beanland has worked on many of the best soundtracks Rare has ever produced including Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct,  and Star Fox Adventure. Graeme Norgate also worked on Diddy Kong Racing (another personal favorite of mine) and Perfect Dark (wait I love that game to). This great team will be working together again on the upcoming Banjo Kazooie 3 Nuts and Bolts. Rare is one of the greatest developers of all times and the music that goes along with each game they do is always top notch. The song from Jet Force Gemini that I have chosen is Sekhmet. Enjoy!!

For more information on Jet Force Gemini check out the following sites.

For More Information on the Composers Robin Beanland and Graeme Norgate check out

Game Music Appreciation Theater – Kirby’s Adventure

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Hey everyone its time for another update and this time its a Game Music Appreciation Theater for the last great platformer to ever grace the Nintendo Entertainment System Kirby’s Adventure. The music in the game was composed by Jun Ishikawa and Hiroshi Miyauchi the team behind most of Hal Laboratory game soundtracks over the years as well as most of Kirby’s music. The team most recently worked together on Kirby Squeek Squad on the Nintendo DS and with a Kirby wii game coming out I am sure they will be called on again to grace us with another awesome Kirby soundtrack. Enjoy!!